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Why You Should Choose The Internet Solution

Dear Reader:

I would like to first take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our website, and taking the time to learn more about The Internet Solution. I realize that your time is very valuable, and will try to make this letter as brief as possible.

We have been designing websites for over seven years, and although the styles and formats have changed over time, the relationship between client and web designer has remained much the same. We believe that the historical method of designing a website for a client is inefficient, costly and often results in a lack of satisfaction. With the introduction of The Internet Solution, we hope to dramatically improve the process of providing companies and individuals with a high quality, functional and cost efficient internet presence.

Historically, when a small business or individual wanted a website, but couldn't afford an in-house web designer, they were forced to locate and contract with a web designer to assist them. In many cases, the client would then have to locate a hosting company, and an eCommerce solution (shopping cart) provider to give their website the ability to process orders online. This meant that the client was typically dealing with at least three different companies to try and collaborate on a new web design. Often, the client would have to serve as a liaison between the various vendors involved in the web design process, and would have to push and shove to get their website complete. I have experienced this situation many times, mostly from the perspective of the web site designer. Typically, the process would go something like the following: (1) I would contract with the small company or individual to build a website, (2) we would discuss wants and needs and negotiate a price, (3) I would begin working on the website, trying to match the wants and needs of the client, (4) I would integrate the outside services (hosting, eCommerce, etc.) into the overall web design, and (5) I would submit the site to the client for approval. In many cases the site that I submitted to the client was not exactly what they had in mind, and therefore, I would have to continue making changes and going back and forth until the site was satisfactory. This process typically took anywhere from three weeks to three months. Moreover, after completion of the site, the client would often want small changes to the site, and would have to hire our firm, or another firm, to go in and update the website. If they hired a new company, the new designers would often have a different sense of style than we had when we originated the site, and, therefore, the client would end up with an inconsistent website. Needless to say, there are a lot of potential problems with the traditional approach to designing websites. We believed that there must be a better way, thus, The Internet Solution was born.

The Internet Solution seeks to revolutionize the web design process by focusing on three fundamental aspects: Automation, Integration, and Remote Content Management.

First, we have created a system that automates much of the work involved in designing a website. We have created over 50 basic web design infrastructures, and then outfitted each one with several interchangeable features, like 11 different color theme sets, over 50 header designs and images, 40 different menu button designs, 20 different logo and title designs, and so on. Moreover, we have created a system that allows the user to further customize their site's design using infinite color, image and font combinations.

Second, we have designed each component of The Internet Solution (web designs, hosting, eCommerce, content management, etc.) to be fully compatible with every other component. This means that we have the first fully integrated system, in which every aspect works in perfect harmony with every other aspect. This allows us to offer a system that always works, and never has broken links, scripts that don't work, lost orders, etc.

Finally, we have created an easy to use administration interface called Site Manager. This system allows the client, not the designer, to log into their site and easily change everything from the content in one paragraph on one page, to the entire look and feel of the website. Moreover, for our eCommerce clients, we have integrate our shopping card administration into the Site Manager, so the client can modify their website, and manage their customers, products and incoming orders from one location. Our system is extremely easy to use, and is 100% online, meaning that it can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.

We sincerely hope that you will at least give The Internet Solution a try. We offer our service free to you for 10 days, and want you to purchase our system only if you believe that it will work for you.

Thank you for reading,


Commercial Internet Solutions, Inc.


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