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Overview of The Internet Solution

The Internet Solution is the combination of every element necessary for your business to achieve a successful internet presence. We are offering a true "one-stop" solution that features:

Professional Web Design

We design websites that are both visually appealing and extremely functional. Your website is a virtual representation of your business, and should be designed to make a positive impression on potential customers or clients. Our designs are "clean coded" to load quickly in browsers and to be compatible with the widest array of platforms and hardware configurations.
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Premium Ecommerce Hosting for Business

The eCommerce hosting package that is included with The Internet Solution is both feature rich, and fully integrated. This means that your hosting plan will include everything you need to run a successful business website, and that it doesn't require any client-side configuration. When you update your website, or make changes to your online store (if you choose to have one), the hosting account will automatically adjust to accommodate these changes.
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Easy to Use Content Management System (CMS)

The Internet Solution is driven by a proprietary Content Management System (CMS) called Site Manager. Using our system, you can easily change anything about your website, including: site design, color theme, text, formatting, images, headers/footers, flash animations, etc. Moreover, you can easily manage your online storefront (if you choose to have one) from the same easy to use interface.
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Fully Integrated Storefront & Shopping Cart

Our Online Storefront & Shopping Cart solution is easy to manage, easy to use, and packed with every feature that you will need to process orders online. For example, you can easily add, remove or edit products and prices, configure a merchant account gateway, and utilize our automated shipping calculators (both UPS and USPS) all from within the easy to use site manager.
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Automated Search Engine Optimization and Submission

An internet presence is not very valuable if your customers can't find you. With The Internet Solution you can easily optimize your web pages so that they can be indexed by the major search engines (add keywords, description, etc). Moreover, your website can be automatically submitted to the top search engines so that your customers can easily locate your business on the web.
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Detailed Site Traffic Statistics

A major advantage of internet marketing is the ability to easily track visitors activity as they browse your website. When you purchase The Internet Solution, you will be able to easily view advanced statistics about your visitors, including: who is visiting your site, where they came from (search engine, hyperlink, email, etc.), what time they visited, and even the keywords they typed in to find your website. Moreover, all of the statistics are displayed using easy to read charts and graphs available from within the "site manager".
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Affordable Pricing

You will not find a more affordable alternative to The Internet Solution. You pay only $375, plus a monthly service fee of either $39.95 or $49.95 depending on whether or not you decide to activate your online storefront. Our features are all fully integrated, so you won't ever have to configure a line of code, or act as a liaison between multiple vendors.

Now you can see just how effective and easy to use The Internet Solution can be, without paying a dime, and with no obligation to make a payment in the future. If you really want to learn more about this unique product, please sign up for a free 10 day trial.


Sign up today for a FREE 10 DAY TRIAL of The Internet Solution.

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