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Fully Integrated Storefront & Shopping Cart

If you have been searching for an eCommerce storefront and shopping cart system that will manage your inventory, automatically maintain a database-driven catalog, and process online orders with ease, then you have come to the right place. The storefront and shopping cart that is included with The Internet Solution is one of the most feature-rich carts that you will find, and it is a breeze to use. Perhaps the greatest feature of the cart system is that it comes fully integrated into your new website. You don't have to purchase any additional software, or install any scripts, everything has been done for you!

Here are just some of the basic features of our integrated Storefront & Shopping Cart:

  • Product Catalog
    • Database Driven
    • Unlimited Categories
    • Up to 1,000 Products
    • Inventory Management
    • Import/Export Products
    • Sale/Promotions Management
    • Featured Products
  • Shopping Cart
    • Fully Integrated
    • Multiple Payment Methods
      • VISA
      • MasterCard
      • Discover
      • American Express
      • Check
      • Money Order
      • Purchase Order
      • C.O.D
      • PayPal
    • Custom Payment Methods
    • Merchant Account Gateway Support
      • BeanStream
      • Echo
      • EFT Secure
      • eWay
      • FastCharge
      • InternetSecure
      • iTransact
      • LinkPoint
      • Network Merchants
      • PayPal Payments Pro
      • Plug'nPay
      • PRI Merchants
      • Protx-VSP Direct
      • SecPay
      • Skipjack
      • USA ePay
      • Verisign Australia
      • Verisign PayFlow Pro
      • viaKlix
      • WorldPay
    • Multiple Shipping Methods
      • Flat Rate
      • Table Based
      • UPS
      • USPS
    • Shipping Calculators
    • Email Notifications
    • Sales Tax Management
  • Online Order Manager
    • Batch Processing
    • Export Orders to CSV (example)
    • Customer Database
    • Order History
    • Search Orders/Customers
    • Mailing List Integration

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If you are serious about internet commerce, then you have probably looked at hundreds of  shopping carts such as: Miva Merchant, Cart-it, Commerce.cgi, IntraLinks AccuCart, eDatCat, Commission Cart, iShopBuilder, etc. The cost of the cart software alone is often as much as $500, plus the cost to integrate them into your website. The advantage of The Internet Solution's Storefront & Shopping Cart system is that it comes fully integrated into your website at no additional cost. If you want the ability to process orders online, you need only select the eCommerce service plan for $49.95 per month instead of the standard $39.95 per month plan.

The look and feel of a company's website says a lot about them to their potential customers. I am extremely proud of how our site will undoubtedly represent my business to visitors.

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How easy is it to get my site setup?

Very easy. Most sites can be setup in a matter of just a few hours. We recommend getting your core site setup first and up on the Internet. Then enhance and refine your site based on competitive analysis and feedback from customers.

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