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Website Examples

The following websites were created using the proprietary Site Manager that drives The Internet Solution. These sites are all quite simple, and are here simply to give you an idea of the type of website that you will have "out of the box" when you purchase The Internet Solution. You can, of course, create a website that is much more complex, stylish, etc., if you should decide to do so.


VSWholesale ...Online
VS Wholesale is a major distributor of a certain "Secret" lingerie company's overstock. This website represents the business opportunity that they offer to new representatives. Using the password-protection feature of The Internet Solution, VS Wholesale was able to create a special "Member's Only" section of the site that allows new reps to purchase the product at wholesale prices.

VS Wholesale was able to integrate The Internet Solution into their business quickly and easily using the proprietary Site Manager to upload custom images and to adjust the overall layout of the website to fit the culture of their business.
The Creation Collection
The Creation Collection offers a wide variety of ceramics, crafts and gifts from their eCommerce enabled website created with The Internet Solution.

This is another good example of how The Internet Solution allows customers to easily browse an online catalog and place orders. The Creation Collection staff can login to the Site Manager and add, update or edit products and pricing at will, allowing them to be very attentive to the needs of their customers.
Wild Rush Seafoods
Wild Rush Seafoods offers fresh fish to customers around the world using their website built using The Internet Solution.

Currently, the site acts as an online brochure to inform the customer, and then orders are negotiated directly. However, the company plans to enable their site for eCommerce in the near future. This is a typical situation, and we make it easy for you. You can start with our Standard Internet Presence, and then when you need the ability to accept orders online, simply upgrade your plan to the eCommerce Internet Presence. Your existing website remains intact, and you pay only $10 more per month for a fully functional integrated shopping cart solution.
Big League Productions
Big League Productions offers video production and post productions services. Using The Internet Solution, the company is now able to offer their services to customers around the world.
Loose International, Inc.
Loose International provides electronics ranging from PDAs, to printers to plasma screen televisions.

The company searched for a solution that would allow them to have an internet presence that created a professional online representation of their company. Moreover, they wanted to offer their customers the ability to purchase in real time, directly from the website. They found The Internet Solution, and had their site up and running in a matter of days.
Great Falls Swim and Tennis Club
Great Falls wanted a website that worked, they found it with The Internet Solution. With their new website they can easily inform their clients of all upcoming events and programs.

Great Falls has utilized a number of the added features of The Internet Solution such as: instant flash designs, message boards and event calendars. These are available to each of our customers, and can be added to your site with a point and a click from within the Site Manager.
Silver Cloud Jewelry
Silver Cloud Jewelry is a leading internet retailer of beautiful Sterling Silver & Gemstone jewelry for Men & Women.

Silver Cloud has implemented the eCommerce version of The Internet Solution to create a fully functional internet storefront that allows customers from all over the world to place credit card orders online for their unique products.
The Invisible Fish Company
The InvisibleFish Company distributes creative reminders of hope, love, joy, laughter and other intangible delights.

The Invisible Fish website is another prime example of how The Internet Solution can be conformed easily to fit the overall style and culture of your business. After uploading a few custom images with the easy to use Site Manager, this website was ready to begin automatically generating leads and customer prospects 24 hours per day, 7 days per week!
Hawk Third Gen Parts
Specializes in 82-01 Camaro and Firebird Parts, new, used, aftermarket, and performance.

The Hawks website is a good example of the ability of vast array of different types of businesses that can benefit from The Internet Solution. Whatever the nature of your business, if you could use more customers, more leads, and more sales, then you can profit from The Internet Solution.

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