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Internet Marketing Tools

When you purchase the Internet Solution, we not only provide you with a quality website, hosting and ecommerce suite, but we also give you the tools that you need to utilize the marketing power of your new internet presence.

Internet marketing is really a three-step process:

  1. You need to optimize your website so that it loads quickly, and contains the keywords that search engines use to know when to serve your website to internet browsers performing searches.
  2. You need to submit your website to the major search engines so that they know your website exists, and is ready for visitors.
  3. You must analyze the visitors that are coming to your website (where did they come from, what pages did they visit, where did they exit your site, etc.) to learn how you can make changes that will result in increased visitor satisfaction, and (hopefully) an increase in profits.

We make this process easy by providing you with easy to use tools, available from within the site manager, to optimize and submit your website, and to analyze your internet traffic.

Automated Search Engine Optimization and Submission

After you have populated your website with your company's information, product line, etc., you need to submit it to the various search engines. Although you can accomplish this by visiting each search engine's website, and manually submitting your site, the process can be quite tedious. Therefore, we have taken the work out of search engine submission by allowing you to automatically submit your site, whenever you want, from within the easy to use site manager.

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Detailed Site Traffic Statistics

If you have been researching internet commerce, you have probably seen many advertisements for statistics packages like WebTrends, Website Reporter, etc., that analyze your server logs and provide you with information about who is visiting your website. The problem with many of these "stand-alone" packages is that they can be quite costly, often require extensive configuration, and force you to manually download the server logs before beginning the analysis.

When you purchase The Internet Solution, you will have access to all of your website's visitor statistics from within the site manager. We give you all of the information that you need, already formatted into easy to read charts and graphs. Even better, the analysis is done automatically, right on the server, with nothing more for you to purchase or download.

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My first order came two weeks after signing up. This was the neat part. I was able to send my customer an email thanking them for the order, another email when payment was received and the last email when I shipped the product along with a tracking number.

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Do I have to have a merchant account and gateway to accept orders online?

No, our stores can be used with a wide variety of payment methods such as PayPal, or you can even setup a store to take orders and then bill your customers with a printed invoice from our system. If you choose to obtain a merchant account in the future, you can easily set it up at that time. Either way each store is fully equipped to process and collect orders for your products.

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